Publicis One Announces Local Leadership in Turkey

Publicis One, a future-forward business model that is being implemented in more than fifty countriesglobally, has today launched its operations in Turkey and announced the local leadership appointment.

Bringing all of the Publicis Groupe agency brands’ capabilities and expertise under one roof, this model isintended to provide clients with end-to-end solutions, including easy and flexible access to a diverse set ofexperts and capabilities. Brands under the Publicis One Turkey umbrella include Publicis Istanbul, PublicisHealthcare, Leo Burnett, Leo PR, Saatchi & Saatchi, Nurun, Voden, Starcom, Mediavest | Spark, Zenith,Vivaki Creative, DataWise, Liquid Thread and Digitouch.

“We are delighted to bring the Publicis One model to Turkey, one of the most promising markets in theworld today,” said Jarek Ziebinski, Global Chief Executive Officer, Publicis One. “The opportunities thismodel creates in providing our clients with powerful solutions addressing their needs of integration andspecialization are endless. I also believe that we are creating a whole new canvas for our talent which willinspire the new kind of creativity brands need today - driving growth and delivering value for our clients.”

Savaş İnanç Dedebaş has been appointed CEO of Publics One Turkey. Dedebaş is currently Vivaki CountryChair and CEO of the Starcom Mediavest Group and oversees the operations of agency brands Starcom,Mediavest │ Spark, Zenith, Vivaki Creative, LiquidThread and DataWise. Dedebaş joined Starcom in 2004 andhas held a variety of roles including leading multinational clients and agency management. He transformedthe media agency business with his impeccable entrepreneurial spirit. Under his leadership, StarcomMediavest Group Turkey has been consistently recognized as among the world’s best media agencies.


“İnanç is a proven leader who embodies the vision, qualities and relevant experience we seek for theleadership of Publicis One in Turkey,” said Misa Lukic, Regional Chief Executive Officer of Central EasternEurope. “We believe in the immense potential of Turkey’s economy. Over the years, we have developed astrong suite of capabilities via all our agency brands in Turkey that address our clients’ communicationsneeds. Publicis One, under the leadership of Inanc, will take us a step further, allowing us to integrate ourexpertise and offer our clients more holistic plans that address their needs for business transformation anddifferentiation in the market.”

A local board has been created to guide Publicis One Turkey transformation process and to set theoverarching strategic vision. The local board will be headed by country CEO Savaş İnanç Dedebaş. ÖzlemÖğüt Çital, General Manager of Publicis İstanbul, has been tasked as Board Member, Creative. With close to20 years of experience and award winning portfolio, Özlem Öğüt Çital will offer insight through her strongexperience in developing and executing industry-leading creative strategies. Yunus Güvenen has beenchosen as Board Member, Integration. He will be responsible for engineering the integration roadmap andlead its implementation. Yunus Güvenen is the founder and current CEO of Digitouch, Turkey’s leadingperformance marketing agency acquired by Publicis Groupe. Kurtuluş Eker joins the board as the BoardMember, Digital & Technology. Kurtuluş is the founder and CEO of Voden, one of Turkey’s strongest digitalagencies. As an expert on integration of ideas, design and technology, Kurtuluş Eker will offer his thoughtleadership in digital landscape. Finally, İlker Alişoğlu, CFO of Vivaki Turkey will be Chief Financial Officer ofPublicis One Turkey.

All agency brands will continue to exist with their own leadership teams and strategic priorities. PublicisOne agency brands in Turkey have very strong management structure, and under the leadership of thePublicis One Turkey CEO İnanç Dedebaş, they will act as the backbone of the transformation process.

“Publicis Groupe’s ambition with the restructuring is to be the admired force for business transformation,driven through the alchemy of creativity and technology. Publicis One represents the agency model of thefuture. Publicis One Turkey board and agency brand leadership profile reflects this progressive perspective.With our industry-leading vision, integration of services and extending our expertise in data, digital,technology and experience design to the Groupe level, we will remove complexities and orchestratetransformational business strategies for our clients” said İnanç Dedebaş, CEO of Publicis One Turkey.

Publicis Groupe also recently completed the full acquisition of Lion Communications Turkey, a leadingcommunications company, which manages various Publicis Groupe’s agency brands including Publicis,Publicis Healthcare, Nurun and Saatchi & Saatchi locally.